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White Long Haired Dog: 13 Breeds

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    After much deliberation about your next pet, you’ve decided on a white long haired dog, large in size.

    Doesn’t that sound like you’re aiming to own a polar bear?

    In this article, I discuss 13 large breeds of dogs that boast long, white fur.

    But, what’s my definition of large?

    As for height, my list includes dogs from a 24 inch Standard Poodle to a 32 inch, 150 lb Irish Wolfhound, offering a wide range of breeds in between.


    Advantages and disadvantages of large dogs

    Since you have a keen interest in large dogs, let’s begin with their benefits.

    I’ll focus on the three most significant pros to keep this concise.

    Large dogs tend to be quieter and more composed

    They are generally more robust and resilient

    Training them is often easier

    Now, let’s address the drawbacks.

    Their diet can be more expensive

    More challenging to maintain cleanliness

    Typically, they have shorter lifespans


    Advantages and disadvantages of long hair

    Let’s shift our focus to the advantages and disadvantages of long hair on dogs!

    Starting with the advantages.

    Long fur makes dogs appear fluffier and more adorable: they simply look fantastic!

    It offers a more gentle cuddle experience.

    7 dog breeds with spiral tails and droopy ears

    Moving on to the disadvantages.

    Dogs with long hair tend to shed more and may have a stronger odor.

    Frequent grooming is a necessity for them.

    Cleaning and drying them can be a time-consuming process!

    Having discussed the pros and cons of large dogs, it’s time to introduce the first breed on my list.


    White Swiss Shepherd

    Originating from Switzerland, the White Swiss Shepherd shares its ancestry with the German Shepherd.

    Its striking snow-white coat is a major draw for those who prefer medium-sized, well-proportioned, and graceful dogs.

    White Swiss Shepherd

    Typically, they stand at about 24-26 inches, maintaining a very moderate weight.

    Renowned for their intelligence, playfulness, energy, and alertness.

    They serve as outstanding watchdogs, ideal for families seeking a gentle yet vigilant companion for their home.



    Ever wondered about the amount of shampoo needed for…

    The Kuvasz, a breed known for its loyalty and bravery, originates from Hungary where it served as a guardian breed for the aristocracy.


    With their white fur, they grow to an impressive size of over 30 inches and weigh between 100-115 pounds.

    Their substantial size lends an air of elegance to these working dogs. Kuvasz are intelligent and regal, truly befitting of royalty.

    They are excellent family pets, combining gentleness with protectiveness, especially around children. Their noble appearance makes them a delight to cuddle and adore.

    In the view of this modest writer, the Kuvasz ranks among the most stunning dog breeds. They are a breed that simply does not have a bad angle.


    Standard Poodle

    Among the various colors they come in,

    Poodles are famously recognized as the breed of the affluent.

    Be it in cartoons, films, or other forms of popular culture, Poodles are invariably portrayed as the favored breed of the elite and royal.

    Standard Poodle

    This perception is quite apt, given their regal and distinctive fur coat.

    Imagine a poodle adorned with a tiny crown inscribed with “Princess” – it’s irresistibly cute, isn’t it?

    Their reputation for high intelligence and ease of training is well-earned.

    Standard Poodles typically stand over a foot tall, with their weight ranging from 40-70 pounds, varying by gender.

    Their signature fluffy coat offers owners the delightful opportunity to style their poodle’s look.

    These active and spirited dogs seek constant engagement and affection from their owners.

    Poodles undeniably represent a timeless choice in the world of dog breeds.


    Great Pyrenees

    The Great Pyrenees, a majestic large dog breed, boasts long white fur and typically enjoys a lifespan of 10-12 years.

    They can reach a height of up to 32 inches and tip the scales at over 100 pounds.

    Originally bred to protect sheep from wolves, they are a robust and resilient breed.

    Known for their intelligence and serene nature, Great Pyrenees dogs exude an air of gentle strength.

    Great Pyrenees

    Their substantial size paired with a tranquil temperament renders them incredibly endearing and simply irresistible.

    Their imposing presence has fittingly earned them the moniker “the big dog of the mountains.”

    An apt description for a dog characterized by formidable strength and stamina.

    They make excellent family pets, offering the perfect blend of a gentle giant for any household.


    Siberian Husky

    Ranked as one of the most beloved dog breeds globally, the Siberian Husky has captured hearts for their wolf-like appearance, reminiscent of a Husky Tibetan Mastiff mix.

    Siberian Husky

    Often seen as the “boy next door” among dog breeds, their cool demeanor is undeniable.

    Originally bred for sledding across frosty terrains, Siberian Huskies are both cold-resistant, thanks to their dense fur, and incredibly lively.

    They require ample daily exercise and thrive on physical activities.

    These dogs cherish human interaction and are easily trained with proper attention and care.

    The Siberian Husky certainly earns a top spot on the “Coolest Looking Dogs” list, making them a clear favorite for any passionate dog enthusiast.



    Renowned for their unique straight, lengthy fur coat, the Komondor breed stands out distinctly.

    Their most notable characteristic also presents the greatest challenge for their owners.


    The Komondor’s fur, resembling real cords, grows longer over time, demanding substantial grooming and care to maintain its neatness and cleanliness.

    These dogs are also on the larger side, typically weighing just shy of 100 pounds.

    They exhibit a deep loyalty towards their human companions and are known for being somewhat of an attached breed.

    However, given Komondor’s elegant demeanor, owners often find this clinginess endearing rather than burdensome.


    Irish Wolfhound

    Originating in Ireland, the Irish Wolfhound is a hound breed known for hunting and wolf protection.

    While grey is their most recognized color, occasionally you’ll spot a white-coated Wolfhound.

    Their coat also comes in black, brindle, or red.

    Irish Wolfhound

    Characterized by long, rough-looking hair, it gives the Irish Wolfhound a somewhat puzzled appearance.

    This look has often been captured in literature, reflecting their size and hunting prowess. They grow to about 32 inches tall and weigh between 120-155 pounds.

    Irish Wolfhounds are incredibly strong and swift. As a humble writer, I certainly wouldn’t fancy being chased by one!

    Their strength and speed make them ideal for those who are into hunting or love engaging in outdoor activities.



    Regarded as a breed for the affluent and royal, the Borzoi stands as a noble and stately breed, embodying both elegance and functionality.

    Finding a solid white Borzoi is rare; they typically have white coats adorned with dark patches.

    Other common coat colors include brindle and cream.


    Their coat is beautifully silky, sometimes flat or with a gentle curl.

    Originally bred for hunting, Borzois rely on their keen eyesight to spot and pursue prey.

    They are a sporty breed, brimming with energy.

    This combination of grace and practicality makes the Borzoi an ideal balance.

    For those considering Borzoi, early training is crucial due to their independent nature.

    Undoubtedly, owning a Borzoi promises to be a thoroughly enjoyable journey for any owner.


    Maremma Sheepdog

    Hailing from Central Italy, the Maremma Sheepdog is specifically bred for the role of livestock guardian.

    It boasts a dense white coat and typically stands between 26-29 inches tall.

    The combination of its size, muscular build, and nimbleness renders it an effective defender against predators like wild wolves.

    Maremma Sheepdog

    Despite its courageous nature, the Maremma Sheepdog is recognized for its friendly demeanor and balanced temperament.

    Echoing the traits of other guardian dog breeds, it possesses a strong protective instinct for its territory and owners, rendering it a perfect family pet for those desiring both warm cuddles and a reliable guard.



    Among the fluffiest breeds you’ll encounter, the Briard is a dog known for its intelligence and friendly nature towards newcomers.


    They reach a height of about 22-27 inches and their weight varies between 70-100 pounds.

    Renowned for their profound affection towards people, they are excellent choices as family pets. Briards are not only highly trainable but also remarkably intelligent.

    While they do require a certain level of attention, the charm and affection of a Briard make this a non-issue for most owners.


    Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog

    With perhaps one of the more complex names in the dog world, the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog is a notable guardian breed from Romania.

    These dogs are characterized by their long, thick fur, necessitating regular grooming for upkeep.

    They’re acknowledged for their loyalty, intelligence, and strong protective instincts.

    These dogs crave constant human interaction and need ongoing care and attention.

    Given their endearing nature, this isn’t a difficult task for most owners.

    This trait exemplifies the depth of affection and devotion the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog holds for its family and companions.


    Slovensky Cuvac

    Boasting a fascinating lineage traced back to Arctic wolves, the Slovensky Cuvac stands out with its remarkable history.

    Primarily bred as a guardian for livestock, this breed exhibits a sturdy build. They reach a height of about 25-28 inches and typically weigh just under 100 pounds.

    Adorned with a thick, luxurious white coat, the Slovensky Cuvac is well-equipped for the rugged terrain of the Slovakian Mountains.

    But their coat serves more than just functional purposes; it adds to their aesthetic appeal.

    Indeed, the Slovensky Cuvac is one of the most graceful breeds out there, exuding an air of noble confidence and fearless loyalty, making them perfect for any owner who loves adventure.


    How to care for the fur of these white long-haired dogs?

    • Regular Brushing: To prevent matting and tangles, it’s essential to brush these breeds’ long fur regularly, ideally daily.
    • Professional Grooming: Due to the complexity of their coats, periodic visits to a professional groomer are recommended for thorough maintenance.
    • Bathing Routine: Regular baths help to keep their white fur clean, but it’s important not to over-bathe as it can dry out their skin.
    • Using a Hair Dryer: After a bath, using a hair dryer can be effective in drying their thick coats thoroughly, preventing any dampness that could lead to skin issues.
    • Diet and Supplements: A healthy diet with the right supplements can enhance the quality and sheen of their coat.
    • Check for Parasites: Regularly check their fur for fleas, ticks, and other parasites, especially after outdoor activities.
    • Seasonal Care: Adjust their grooming routine as per seasonal changes; they may need more frequent grooming during shedding seasons.



    Owning a white long haired dog comes with its unique set of joys and challenges. These breeds, ranging from the majestic Great Pyrenees to the elegant Borzoi, each bring their own distinct personality and needs.

    While they may require extra care in terms of grooming and maintenance, the rewards of their companionship are immeasurable.

    Whether it’s the intelligence of the Standard Poodle, the loyalty of the Maremma Sheepdog, or the strength of the Irish Wolfhound, each of these breeds offers a special kind of love and loyalty.

    As we’ve explored their characteristics, it’s clear that these dogs are not just pets, but faithful companions that enrich our lives in countless ways.



    What should I consider before choosing a large, white long-haired dog?
    Consider factors like your living space, lifestyle, and ability to commit to their grooming and exercise needs. Larger dogs often need more space and exercise, and long-haired breeds require regular grooming.

    Are these white long-haired breeds suitable for families with children?
    Most of these breeds, such as the Great Pyrenees and the Maremma Sheepdog, are known for their gentle nature and can be great with children. However, it’s important to supervise interactions and teach children how to interact with dogs safely.

    Can large, white long-haired dogs adapt to warmer climates?
    While breeds like the Siberian Husky have thick fur for cold climates, they can adapt to warmer environments with proper care, like adequate shade, hydration, and indoor rest during extreme heat.

    How often should I take my white long-haired dog to a professional groomer?
    This depends on the breed’s specific coat type. Generally, a visit every 6-8 weeks is recommended, but more frequent visits might be necessary for breeds with more demanding coat care, like the Komondor.

    Do all white long-haired dog breeds shed a lot?
    Shedding varies by breed. Some, like the Poodle, are known for minimal shedding, making them a good choice for allergy sufferers. Others, such as the Siberian Husky, have a double coat and shed more, especially during seasonal changes. Regular grooming can help manage shedding.



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